Tzina Varotsi is one of the first internet bloggers.

In 2007 she created her first blog (Ares Mares-Diary) which now is inactive.  In the course of the years, she adored photography, she attended courses and in 2016 she created Eikones & Psithyroi (Images & Whispers) which it was stood out as one of the top 10 Greek travel blogs for 2017 by Culture Trip.

   Her collaboration with professionals, companies and local authorities in the tourist sector has been praised many times for the quality and the faultless results of her work.

   Her articles and the photos that accompany them are distinguished by high quality and aesthetics.   Eikones & Psithyroi is addressing mainly to people  who are searching the inspiration and the joy of life to trips, strolls, flavors and moments of everyday happiness.

   If you are interested in cooperation, support, products promotion, travel brands, and the media Kit dispatch, you may contact by e-mail.