Vacation in Kimolos, All You Have to Know!


This year, thanks to the hospitality of Afentakeio Foundation I had the great joy and the honor to get to know our own Polynesia of Cyclades, the wonderful island of Kimolos.

Kimolos isn’t an island full of tourism but this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t visitors. That’s why the island is the ideal destination for those who love quietness and authenticity at their vacation.


From Piraeus the trip with Zante Ferries lasts 5 to 8 hours and this depends on the intermediate stops in other islands. The ship will leave you at the port, Psathi.

Zante Ferries will offer you a comfortable and safe trip and the staff will serve you with courtesy.

You may go to Kimolos from Milos too.  Kimolos is very close and there is a daily connection.  You can also go by a craft.

Τip: Book your Ferries Tickets Here



The first   thing you have to do is to wander around the alleys of Chorio. At this point I must inform you that in Kimolos there isn’t Chora,   but Chorio and all roads lead to it.

The narrow picturesque alleys, the flowered yards and thresholds, the whitewashed walls and the Castle compose the scenery of Chorio which you’ll adore.

There are 95 churches and chapels in Kimolos. The eight of them are considered monuments of a particular archaeological and historical value and are under the protection of the Ministry of Culture.

You mustn’t also miss to visit the archaeological museum which is located right across the Cathedral of Panagia Odigitria.


In Kimolos, you’ll have the chance to see the Lending library on the road. It’s not weird.

Apart from the bookstore in Chorio which is located a little further from the church of Panagia Odigitria you’ll meet various improvised open lending libraries.  You can borrow a book and when you read it you can return it at the point you borrowed it.


At the magical setting of the Castle, the nights become very interesting. The stones are covered with shoddies, the hallway is illumined with small lanterns and an opening replaces the projection room.

Cine Kalisperitis welcomes you to enjoy a movie free.


At this point I must add one more thing.  In Kimolos, you’ll often listen to be mentioned the name “Kimolistes”.

Kimolistes are civilians and more specifically a few people. They are measured on the figures of one hand.

Thanks to them the cinema operates, hiking trails were engraved and open libraries were created.

Thanks to them, various parts of the island are cleansed. And their work doesn’t stop here. You can visit their website to learn Kimolos news.



If you like hiking and walking, Kimolos will satisfy you because as I already told you it has routes and paths engraved by Kimolistes.


Skiadi is a huge stony mushroom, a geophysical phenomenon which was created through the years due to the strong winds.

Up to a point you can use the car and then you’ll continue on foot. The course is about 45 minutes.  And as soon as you see the view and Skiadi you’ll forget your fatigue.


Another destination for those who love hiking is the beaches “Monastiria “and Sufi.

It’s difficult to drive up there because the road is steep, rocky and dangerous.  Ideally, you must have a jeep but in the car rental agencies you won’t have this choice.

As in the first case you’ll leave the car and then you’ll continue on foot up to the first beach “Monastiria”. Sufi is right next to it.

The crystal clean waters and the quietness will make you forget that you are tired. The most difficult is the way back because you have to walk the uphill.

In any case don’t forget to have water and a hat with you!


In Kimolos you won’t find big hotel units, nevertheless its accommodation has nothing to envy of them.

I stayed in “Kimolia Gi which is amazing. You can read about it in one of my previous articles.

As far as it concerns the food you’ll have the chance to enjoy local tastes as the famous Ladenia and local cheeses that definitely will excite you. In this article you’ll find the best places for food, drink and sweets. I whole hearted propose them.


In Kimolos, you’ll find beaches with emerald waters and others   in all shades of blue.

Polyegos is right opposite of Kimolos. It is a wonderful island and although nobody lives there anymore is ideal for exploration. Also it has wonderful beaches.

In this article you’ll read about the island beaches and about the round of Polyegos by boat. This is something you mustn’t miss.


The local products are the best choice for your shopping. And the protagonists among them are the cheese manoura and xino.

Manoura is a hard and spicy cheese wrapped in the lees of the must. Xino is a fresh, soft cheese full of fragrances. You’ll also find delicious caper, sea fennel pickle, kimolian honey and aromatic rusks.

In “Arzantiera” you’ll find special jewelry and authentic souvenir. Here, you’ll also find the kimolian ship which during old years was the kids’ play. On the opposite side is the “Arzantiera” with clothes, shoes and accessories.

The “Koumpi” (button) has jewelry and souvenirs too in very low prices.

In “Sousta Vista” you’ll find small bags, backbags and traditional “Ntorvas” (nosebag) made by Theano. They are made on an old pattern which is heritage from her grandmother.

The “Kimolithos” which is at the square of Chorio has also particular jewelry and unique choices for presents. Smiling Tonia will help you to choose.

Finally in “Thalia” you’ll find clothes and accessories for women, men and children. All are carefully chosen and that’s why they are unique.


In Kimolos there is a gas station which operates from 10 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon.

Here, you’ll also find Rural Surgery, Drugstore, Bus and Taxi.

Useful Phone numbers:

Municipality: 2287051218

Police Department: 2287051205

Rural Surgery: 2287051222

Coast Guard: 2287051071

Bus: 6973700033

Taxi: 694564093

Kimolos is an island that you’ll adore and you’d like to visit it again and again.

Because your soul just remains there waiting for you to come back to meet again and to continue from where you left off.

*I want to thank Afentakeio Foundation of Kimolos and personally the chairman Mr. Sotiris Stanotas for his wonderful hospitality.

Also Mrs. Mania Tsavlidou and Mr. Dimitri Papadimitriou who organized our visit and did their best to have an amazing stay.

Mr. Dimitri Ventouri who gave us valuable information for every place we visited.

The Mayor Mr. Constantine Ventouri, the Kimolistes and especially Foti Marinaki for everything he did for us.

Also the Zante Ferries which offered us a safe and pleasant trip.

Mr. Μanoli Moustaka who took us with his bus to the port.

All the businesses that covered our stay:

The Kimolia Gi, Kimolos Blue, The Tavern Sardis, The Restaurant  “Meltemi View & Tastes”, The Tavern “Good Heart”, The Restaurant “Postali”, The Restaurant “To Kima”, The Bar “Old Market”, The Café, “Stavento”, The Ice Cream Shop “Gelato-Stavento”, The Bakery “The Traditional”.

*Ιn my  Youtube channel there is a video about Kimolos


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    Kimolos is just amazing! I have been there once and I wish I could go again! Nice post!


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