Trizonia in Fokida: The Island which Enchanted Onassis

Tριζόνια Φωκίδας το μικρό νησί που μάγεψε τον Ωνάση

Although Trizonia is a small island, is the biggest in Corinthian Gulf and the only one that is inhabited. I don’t know how many of you are aware of its existence, but to me till recently it was unknown!

I found myself there thanks to Go Nafpaktia that organized   the week of Tourism and invited me and the whole team of Travel Bloggers Greece. Gianna Sini, who was our guide most of the time of the year, lives on the island. I sincerely thank her.

Onassis wanted to buy Trizonia and when he didn’t manage to have the desirable agreement he turned to Scorpios

How You’ll Get to Trizonia

You’ll get the boat from Chania. It is almost 20 kilometer away from Nafpaktos. In 5 minutes you’ll be there. The ticket costs just 1 euro.

You must leave your car here, because in Trizonia cars and bikes are for bitten.

The Islet Trizonia

The permanent habitants in Trizonia are only 50 although during summer time they reach to 700.

Although Trizonia is a small islet is beautiful and is an ideal destination for those who prefer tranquility and serenity. Don’t forget to have comfortable shoes so as to be able to ramble.

As it is only 2,5km, you can easily explore it by hiking. Olives, vineyards, cypresses, eucalyptus, mastic trees, and Holm oaks are the vegetation of Trizonion.

Starting from the small harbor, follow the path that passes from the big church of Saint George and let the road guide you. When you’ll get at the highest point, make a stop and enjoy the view.

The green and the blue are joining and the result will charm you.

When the path becomes downhill you are already on the way back. Inevitably your steps will take you to the next natural harbor which is ideal anchorage for boats and sailing yachts.

There are two versions for the name Trizonia. The one says that it named after the homonymous insect and the second from the corruption of the name three islands that describes the complex of Trizonia which includes three main islands (Agios Ioannis, Plonemi and Prasoudi)

Beaches in Trizonia

The island has three beaches. The longest is 2 km northeast of the port in Punta and has reddish shore. The other two are Aspra Chalikia and Kapsales and are smaller than the first one.

Food – Stay in Trizonia

At the port there are three traditional taverns serving fresh seafood and meat. In Ancora they serve breakfast, pizza, juices, cocktails and ice creams.

In Trizonia you’ll also find a mini market, a small souvenir shop, a beach bar and three café.

As far as it concerns your stay, there are three beautiful guesthouses and rooms to let. You can see here more information about lodgings.


*If you find yourself in Trizonia in July and specifically in 26, you’ll enjoy the Saint Paraskevi festival.

*Don’t miss to have the round of the island by boat.

*You can go easily and quickly opposite to Glyfada, Monastiraki or Nafpaktos with a euro.

If you prefer serenity on your vacation, then remember Trizonia in Fokida. The lush green islet will definitely charm you.

YouTube: Trizonia in Fokida, the Island which Enchanted Onassis!


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