Οι καλύτερες παραλίες στα Χανιά

Crete has many beautiful beaches, but today I want to talk to you about the seven best in Chania. Those which stand out and are so different and unique in this prefecture!

Here the waters are crystal clear. Depending on the season their color change and take all the shades of green. They may even become pink.

Seven beaches which are distinguished for their beauty and are a destination for visitors from all over the world. Which are they?

The 7 Best Beaches in Chania

1. Balos


It’s one of the most photographed beaches in Crete and it’s located 56 km northwest of Chania. You may get there either by car or by boat. In the first case you’ll pass through Kissamos (or Kasteli) and then you’ll head right to the village Kaliviani. There starts the 8km dirt road and ends up to the parking lot above the beach. The dirt road is stony, therefore you should drive carefully.

You have to leave your car here and follow the path which leads to the Balos beach. The distance is about 2 km and of course the going down is easier than the way back.  No matter how tiring the route is it offers you unique photographic shots and an amazing view of Balos that it’s worthwhile.

You may avoid the hassle of the driving or the way down and book here your excursion from Chania in Balos by boat.

2. Falasarna

59 km west of Chania Falasarna beach is located. It has crystal clear blue green water and golden sand. In order to get there you have, as well as for Balos, to get to Kissamos, to cross it and then to continue towards Platanos.

You’ll be enchanted by the beach. As far as concerns the remaining distance of the 3 km you’ll follow the signs. Nevertheless, the road is narrow and has many turns so you must be very careful.

If you are interesting in one day excursion on the amazing beach of Falasarna then have a look here.

3. Glyka Nera

Glyka nera Famous beaches Chania
Photo Credits Chrysoula from

It was named after the drinking water springs that there are in the area. It is 75km south of Chania and 3-4km west of Sfakia.

It has thin pebbles and turquoise crystal clear water. It’s one of the most popular beaches in Crete. In order to get here you must take the boat from Sfakia or Loutro. Otherwise you can follow a path. Driving from Sfakia to Anopoli and in a distance of 2.5Km you’ll find its entrance.

Due to the fact that the biggest part of the path is on the edge of the cliff it’s not appropriate for persons having fear of heights. Also the way back is tiring. The downhill of the path lasts 30-40 minutes.

4. Loutro

The village Loutro is a picturesque fishing village ideal for those who seek the tranquility during their vacation. It’s situated in a hidden and windless bay on the west side of Sfakia and its 70km away from Chania. The beach has crystal blue water and a rare natural beauty.

You’ll get here by boat from Sfakia in 20 minutes. But if you prefer hiking, you can follow the coastal path E4 from Sfakia. It’s 1.5 hours away.

5. Elafonisi

Ελαφονήσι Καλύτερες Παραλίες στα Χανιά

At the southwest side of Chania county Elafonisi is located. It’s an oblong peninsula with beautiful beaches on all sides. The landscape is really exotic. Its crystal turquoise water, the pink sand make Elafonisi a real paradise.

The famous pink color of the sand is due to the rare shellfish found on the beach. When they complete their life circle break down, leaving behind them red shells that are dipping in the sand  creating its pink color.

Ελαφονήσι Διάσημες παραλίες Χανιά

You can come here either by car or by bus. There is a big parking lot from where starts a path which leads to the beach.  Elafonisi like Balos beach are among the most beautiful beaches of Greece and have been included in the protected areas of Natura.

If you’d like to book a one day excursion to Elafonisi, then have a look here.

6. Kedrodasos (Cedar Forest)

Κεδρόδασος οι Καλύτερες παραλίες στα Χανιά
Photo Credits by Chrysoula from

It has been characterized as the paradise on earth and when you’ll see its beauty you’ll definitely justify this characterization. It belongs to the protected areas of Natura too.

It is located 76km southwest of Chania. The beach is full of cedar-like trees.  Due to the movement of the sand the roots come up to the surface and make them look like modern art sculptures.

From the parking lot starts a downward path with stones. At the end of this path is where Kedrodasos starts and when you’ll cross it you’ll see the beach. Keep in mind that the beach isn’t protected of the winds and have just a few shady spots.

7. Seitan Limania

Σεϊτάν Λιμάνια οι Καλύτερες Παραλίες στα Χανιά

Just 20km away from Chania lies the beach Seitan Limania. Its name has Turkish origin and means “damned ports”. This characterization is due to the dangerous waves in the area.

The beach has gravel and sand and you’ll have to drive from Chania up to the village Chordaki. From there you’ll take the road to Rizosklopo. The signs will lead you.

At some point the asphalt stops and begins a steep but passable trail that will take you to the beach. It’s an isolated beach therefore you must have water or whatever else you’ll be needed.

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These are the 7 best beaches in Chania. Have you ever swum in any of these?

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