The 7 Most Beautiful Beaches of Patmos

Οι 7 Ωραιότερες Παραλίες της Πάτμου

I adore Patmos. It’s so noble and captivating. By the moment you step your foot on the island you sense the blessing in the atmosphere. You can only love it. And it’s not just this. You feel the desire to visit it over and over again. Because this is how Patmos is.  Its serenity and its discreet beauty enchant you.


Since I already talked about the 10 most important sights you have to see if you’re visiting Patmos for first time, today I’d like to stroll around its seashores. Patmos has plenty of pretty beaches. There are sandy and pebbly beaches, seashores with shallow or deep waters. Some of them are ideals for water sports and families and some others are isolated or organized. They cover all tastes and demands.

For me the 7 most beautiful Patmos’ beaches are:

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Grikos beach is located in a sheltered bay and it’s 4.5 km away from Skala. You can reach there by using the local transport. Usually, there are big and small sailing boats anchored at the bay.

The beach has shingles and sand. There are sun beds and picturesque taverns where you can enjoy the local savours.




It was named after the shimmer of the sun on the colorful pebbles whose collection is now banned. Lambi has clear crystal waters and a spacious parking lot. You may reach there by using a bus. Here, you’ll find rooms to let, a café and a traditional restaurant.



This pebbled beach is 7 km from Skala. It’s quite and has clear waters. Along the coast you’ll find a few trees that offer shade. At the top of the hill and before you come down at the beach you’ll meet Café Vagia which serves coffee and delicious traditional home made sweets.

Βαγιά Πάτμος



Kampos’ beach is organized and frequented. One can reach there by using the local transport. The waters are swallow and this makes it ideal for families and kids. It is sandy and pebbled and has beautiful wooden (so different from the plastic ones) sun beds. It has also 3 restaurants and water sports facilities.




Agrio Livadi is a sandy and organized with sun beds beach. It’s located 4 km northeast of Skala and it’s known for its clear waters. It’s ideal for families and young people. It offers water sports facilities. There, you’ll also find taverns and a café.



It is a small scenic bay just 1, 5 km away from Skala. It’s a sandy beach with shade, crystal waters and a small tavern at one end.




Lastly I left the most beautiful Patmos’ beach Psili Ammo. You can reach there by taking a boat from Skala. It takes 45-60 minutes (depending on the weather) to get there. Or you can go to Diakofti and then you can continue on foot. In 20 minutes you’ll be at Psili Ammo.

If you follow the second choice you may get tired, but the path and the view from above will reward you. You must have comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen. Don’t forget to have water with you. The beach has trees that offer shade and a tavern with homemade meals.




These are the 7 most beautiful Patmos’ beaches. But they aren’t the only ones. Patmos has many places where you can swim. Some of them are more approachable, some less. All of them have their own natural beauty and a common element. They all have clear crystal waters.

Have you ever visited Patmos beaches?

Do you have a favorite one?

I’ll be glad to have your comments.

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