Rethymno: an Unforgettable Sightseeing Tour

Ρέθυμνο Ξενάγηση στα Αξιοθέατα

Rethymno and a tour in its sightseeing was our first stop in my recent visit in Crete. Crete Urban Adventures was our guide and the best way to experience the Cretan culture, the history and the gastronomy of this land.

Along with the Travel Bloggers Greece team we participated in the group Bygone Crete Adventure and had an unforgettable day getting know this amazing land, its past, its history and people.

Rethymno Sightseeing

Poliou House

The tour in Rethymno started from the village Asteri and Polou House. George Polioudakis- a man who has passion with the tradition of his homeland- started the collection of objects since he was a kid. He managed to save many things and to turn his parental house into a folklore museum.

In each room is revived in a unique way the everyday life of Cretan people of a bygone era. Uniforms, utilitarian objects, letters and photographs are some of the exhibits.

We had a guided tour in this peculiar folklore museum. Then, in the courtyard they offered us raki and Cretan delicacies.

  In Asteri we stayed in the wonderful accommodation Amazing Villa

Ta kalytera axiotheata spiti poliou


Arcadi was our next destination. This was my first visit and I was really impressed by the imposing monastery.

The tour started from the forecourt where the ossuary is situated. Here are the people who lost their lives in the historical holocaust and became a symbol of heroism and self-sacrifice.

Amari Throne

In about 9km away from Arcadi and 32 from Rethymno is the village Thronos. It’s extended in a lush green valley and is opposite Psiloritis Mountain. The view is really magical.

One of the major sights is Panagia Throniotissa. The temple was built on the ruins of the Early Christian Basilica of the 4th century which was the seat (=throne. This is how the village took its name) of Episkopi.

In Thronos and in the tavern Aravanes we had lunch. It is located at the village edge and has panoramic view to the whole valley. The owners Maria and Eleftheria organize cooking courses. The day of our visit we made stuffed tomatoes and we   enjoyed it along other delicious dishes and local delicacies.

ta kalytera sto rethymno spiti me zografies

Kourkoulou Winery

In Patsos village which is 10km away from Thronos, Kourkoulou family modern Winery is located.

We had a guided tour in the building and in the vineyards of the Winery. We learned about the phases in wine’s life, the flavors, the varieties and its secrets.

St.Antonios Gorge- Patsos

 In Patsos and in a lush green landscape of plane trees and running water is where St. Antonios gorge is situated.

We left the cars in the special tided up parking lot and we walked in a passable path till we found ourselves in front of the small St. Antonios chapel.  It seems to be embedded in the rock.

The rocks rise all around it forming a roof as if they protect it. There are wooden tables and benches for the visitors who desire to have a picnic here.

If you like hiking you can continue to walk at this path. The passing lasts an hour.

I want to thank the Crete Urban Adventures because thanks to them we experienced an amazing tour and had a unique trip in the sights, the history and the gastronomy of Rethymno.


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