Kimolos & Polyegos, Their Beaches Will Charm You!


According to my opinion, Kimolos is the Polynesia of the Cyclades.

Here, you’ll find the most beautiful beaches in all shades of blue and green.

Sandy beaches, pebbled beaches, deserted beaches that you can approach them only by boat or on foot.  Οrganized beaches that are ideal for families and kids.

As well as beaches that will enchant you thanks to their crystal clear waters.

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Prassa, Psathi, Aliki, Kalamitsi, Bonatsa, Mavrospilia are just a few of the most Known and easy to get beaches.

All of them are unique!

But there are others beaches too.  You can reach there or by using a sea craft or by walking. Such beaches are Monastiria, Sufi and Polyegos beaches.

You can get there only if the weather is good and if you have arranged it with captain Vangelis.


Sunset in Mavrospilia (by Amber Charmei)



There are two ways to get there. The first one is by a sea craft. If you choose the second one you can go by a car up to a point and then you can continue on foot.

I must inform you that the road is stony and dangerous to drive. So if you finally choose the second way, you must be very careful.

The hiking also lasts about three quarters to an hour so you must have with you water, hat and to wear sneakers. But it’s certain that the destination will make it up to you.


Beach “Monastiria”




From the port in Psathi and if the weather permits it, you’ll get aboard on the sea craft of captain Vangelis Vamvakaris or “Chimona” (winter).

Every day, Captain Vangelis does the round of Polyegos. He starts at around 11 o’clock in the morning and comes back at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Polyegos was inhabited till ‘70s by families of cattle-breeders who lived there with their animals and cultivated the land. This is how it got its name. It means many aiges. That is many goats.

It’s a wonderful island where one can walk through its lanes and enjoy its unique beauty beaches.

Like the ones you’ll visit if you make the round of the island with captain’s Vangelis sea craft.  Beaches are alike only in photos of exotic places.

Ammoura, Faros (Lighthouse), Panagia, (Virgin Mary) Saint Minas, Galazia Nera (Blue Waters) are just some of them.

In the path, you’ll see white irregular shapes rocks emerging from the sea creating magical scenery.

You’ll have also the chance to see the caves where the seals Monachus Monachus give birth to their pups.





In the “Virgin Mary furrow” the boat will tie for about an hour.  You can follow one narrow path that will take you to the small church of Virgin Mary. This cared and clean place with the nearby cells was the ruins of the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

It was renovated eight years ago. The monastery whose temple was basilica with dome was erected in 1622!

Every year on August, the kimolians organize a feast where hundreds of visitors participate. Every year, the date changes because of the weather. It must be good with no strong winds because they can’t approach the island.





On the way back, captain Vangelis will set the table on the boat with “goodies” that will satisfy your appetite after the swimming. Ladenia, salad with tomatoes and cucumber, fresh bread, local cheese and water melon.

Early in the afternoon the Polyegos round will be completed. Your soul will be full of pictures that you hadn’t seen before.

This is how Kimolos with its beaches conquered a special part of my heart.

Thanks to its authenticity, the unbelievable beauty and its uniqueness.

Have you ever visited Kimolos?

Have you ever swimmed in the beaches of Polyegos?

I’ll be glad if you write a comment with your impressions.

*At my channel in YouTube you’ll find a video with the beauties and the beaches of Kimolos.


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