Heraklion, Crete. What To See In One Day!


Not long time ago, I found myself in Heraklion. I was invited at a wedding.

My staying in the island lasted just a few days. One of my beloved friends was getting married so I hadn’t enough time to walk around.

Nevertheless, I managed to find some time and to see again the capital of this wonderful island that I hadn’t visited for years.

The bride’s brother was my guide. He loves the island and the history of his hometown. So he was the right person to show me around and to narrate me so many interesting things about Heraklion.

The visitor can easily reach here by Ferry or aero plane. There are daily routes and flights.






Your stroll must be started from Venetian Castle (Koules) at the Heraklion port. Walk by the sea and get into the Castle. From the top you’ll enjoy a unique view of the city.

On the way back, follow the wide boulevard August 25th which will lead you to the city heart.

There, the most elegant Venetian monument of the island the Venetian Loggia is located. Once it was the headquarters of the Venetians where they used to gather to make decisions.



During the Venetian domination of Heraklion couldn’t be missed a temple dedicated to the patron of Venice Saint Marcos. The Basilica of Saint Marcos which is one of the most important Venetian monuments is located too close to the fine fountain with the lions. Here, the rulers used to hear the mass and was also the place where the Dukes were buried. Today it hosts the Municipal Library.



The Saint Titus church was built in 1869 as a mosque and in 1925 it was converted into a Christian church. Around the church is a beautiful square where you can take a rest in one of its café.




The fountain of Bebo is another important monument. It’s located at the Kornaro’s square and is dated back to 1588. A little further away you can admire the statues of the legendary couple Erotokritos and Aretousa.



From there, your steps will take you to the 1866 street where the central market of Heraklion is located. Here are gathered tourist stores and other stores that sell cheap clothes and shoes. Also there are shops with fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, many café and restaurants. At the end of Karteros street is the fish market.

Walk up to the Liberty square and St. George’s gate. Up there, where the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos dominates the place you have a wonderful view of the port and Nea Alikarnaso. Then, descend to the central Democracy Street where the courts are situated. The buildings with just a few changes remain the same since Venetians times when they were used for state and judicial affairs.



limani-irakleioHeraklion satisfies every visitor’s tastes and demands.

It has many café, restaurants, wonderful hotels, beautiful beaches and cultural life.

The metropolis of Crete is a contemporary, cosmopolitan and full of life city that carries you away to its own tunes and make you love it thanks to their people’s generosity of heart and for its history!

Have you ever been in Heraklion?

Share with us your experience or your memories!



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